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Next Version Editing is a small, freelance editing business based in Canberra. Owner Justine McNamara has extensive experience in academic and professional writing, having worked as a social worker, researcher and public servant. She has published numerous articles in academic journals and a wide range of reports and papers for a variety of audiences. She has a PhD in Social Work and Social Research, as well as a Graduate Certificate in Professional Writing (Editing).


Justine has experience in editing academic and non-academic writing, and is happy to work with clients to come up with editing solutions that fit. Next Version Editing offers competitive rates and operates with an ethos based on clear communication, efficient service and authentic advice.

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Justine McNamara
PhD, Accredited Editor


The type of editing service you need will depend on what sort of work your manuscript requires. There are three basic stages of editing, outlined very briefly below, and I am happy to work with you to come up with the best approach for your document. Many aspects of the stages overlap, so the descriptions below are a general guide only.

Substantive editing


Attending to style and substance

This can involve quite significant structural changes to a piece of writing, considering the overall content of the work and making suggestions about possible changes to style and content. Substantive editing can help an author make adjustments to language and improve the suitability of a piece of writing for its intended audience.



Corrections for clarity and consistency​

Copyediting focuses on improving the consistency of the language and layout in a document. This will include making corrections to spelling, grammar, punctuation and making minor edits to sentence structure or wording to improve clarity. In academic work, it usually includes checking the style of reference lists and citations.



The final check

This is a final quality check, involving going through a manuscript carefully to check that it is complete and correct, including a focus on correcting any remaining spelling or typographical errors, and doing a final check of consistency.  

    Academic editing    

NVE specialises in academic editing. This includes journal articles, reports, book chapters and books across a wide range of humanities, business, economics and social science  topics. My experience as an academic writer means I can provide expert advice on the structure and flow of academic writing to help you get your message across, as well as careful copyediting and proofreading so your final product is polished and publication-ready.


I also enjoy editing student theses (discounted student rates apply). There are special rules for professional editing of a thesis (see IPEd). Students should also consult their own university’s guidance and their supervisor.


Just email justine.nve@gmail.com or use the contact form below if you’d like some specific advice.

Justine has developed a quick guide for editing your own reference list. You can find it at the link below:



Costs for editing depend on a whole range of factors, including how long the manuscript is and how much editing it needs. Factors like long reference lists or the need for a very quick turn-around time can also affect cost.

Contact Next Version Editing if you would like to discuss your editing needs, provide feedback or get a quote. You can fill in the online form below, or just email justine.nve@gmail.com. I’ll get back in touch with you promptly.  
Next Version Editing offers competitive rates and will provide an obligation-free quote. I will usually ask you for a sample of your manuscript, to help give you a realistic estimate. The sample also gives me the opportunity to provide you with
advice about what sort of editing is required.


: +61 427 863 155


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